neljapäev, september 11, 2008

Vaene mina!

Hirmvajalik teave kõigile! Ja loomulikult viitsid Sa, lugeja, selle postituse lõpuni dešifreerida!

Mitte et ma nüüd kindel oleks, et ma kõigest aru sain, millele vastasin, aga irw! nii hale ma siis lõpuks välja kukkusin:

Lonely Heart
You are 40% Independent, 50% Idealistic, 60% Intimate, and 70% Indulgent!

Your result for The Heart Test...

Lonely Heart

The Lonely Heart

Dependent, Realistic, Intimate, Indulgent

You are the most misunderstood of hearts, the Lonely Heart. Your desire for love and your want of harmony and intimacy are all very loving qualities. At the same time you are very down-to-earth, which may present a more cold or hard demeanor than you actually possess. Your qualities are all of the quieter types, so you may be shy, leading to difficulties in love, which is hard for you, being so caring as you are. You want love, but your realistic nature may work against these more idealistic desires.

Matches for the Lonely Heart:

The Healers's Heart

The Healer's Heart is both realistic and values harmony, just as you do. The Healer is more passionate than you are, but you can appreciate this quality. The Healer in independent, and while you may wish them to dote on you more, you can can appreciate their self-sufficiency. The Healer will always be there for you when you are down, and you will find that they make a wonderful match.

The Patron Saint's Heart

The Patron Saint is, like you, dependent, realistic and values harmony. The Patron Saint will understand your more down-to-earth views as wells as your need for love and want for unity in a relationship. The Patron Saint is more passionate than you are, and this is something you can definitely appreciate. The Patron Saint's protective nature will leave your lonely heart feeling loved, and you will appreciate them watching over you, as well as the fact that they seem to understand you well.

Your exact opposite is The Lively Heart.

Avoid Explicits if you can. You need love and the feeling of being loved, and an Explicit may not understand or appreciate this, leading to conflict. Idealists may also be difficult to get along with if you are stubborn. But if you can adapt and appreciate their ways of thinking, a relationship with an Idealist can work.

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Rookie ütles ...

paha lugu, ma sain sama tulemuse :)

Anonüümne ütles ...

huvitaval kombel on enamus blogijaid, keda mina loen ja kes on viitsinud seda küsimustikku täita, saanud samasuguse tulemuse..

Rattus ütles ...

Ehk ei saanud enamus vastajatest küsimustest aru? ;)